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10Levels iPBX Solution

10Levels iPBX state-of-the-art telephony solution offers a variety of features, including legacy PBX functionality, advanced features, and interoperability with traditional standards-based telephony systems and VoIP systems. iPBX API enables developing vast telephony applications that meet customers' specific needs. 10Levels iPBX is the only PBX which interfaces with any CRM application, call center management software, and billing system, while others require additional expensive software and adapters. iPBX supports complete Voicemail functionality with advanced voicemail management options, including voicemail forward, retrieval via email, web, and unified messaging systems. The Voicemail system can be administered and monitored remotely via IP or PSTN phone connection. Unlimited number of voicemail boxes and groups are supported according to issued licenses.


iPBX core contains several engines that each play a critical role in the software operation. When iPBX starts, the Dynamic Module Loader loads and initializes each of the drivers which provide channel drivers, file formats, call detail record backends, codecs, applications and more, linking them with the appropriate internal APIs. Then, iPBX Switching Core begins accepting calls from interfaces and handling them according to the dialplan, using the Application Launcher for ringing phones, connecting to voicemail, dialing out outbound trunks, etc. The core also provides a standard Scheduler and I/O Manager that applications and drivers can use. The iPBX Codec Translator permit channels which are compressed with different codecs to deamlessly talk to one another. Most of iPBX usefulness and flexibility come from the applications, codecs, channel drivers, file formats, and more, which plug into iPBX various programming interfaces.

Resources: Brochure - Technical Overview - Case Study

Key Benefits:
  • Class-5 Telephony Features
  • Postpaid and Prepaid Billing
  • Scalable
  • Flexible for customized development

Call Centers Capabilities

Deploy advanced VoIP call centers with IVRs, Campigns and more...

Advanced Class-5 VoIP Services

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